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What are the requirements of the grinding machine for PCD tools grinding?

2023-03-02 16:53:46

The widely applications of pcd tools in high precision machining

PCD tools are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, electronics and other industries, and can process non -ferrous metal materials and non -metallic materials. PCD tools is suitable for processing of non -ferrous metal materials such as AL, MG, CU and its alloys and non -metallic materials.


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Based on the grinding characteristics of PCD, the requirements for tools grinding equipment are much higher than general tool grinding machine.The main factors as followers:

1. The tools grinding machine  has a good process system rigidity

Due to the high hardness of PCD materials, the grinding machine must have a high resistance to deformation, especially the spindle system and the tools -folding system. PCD cutting tools generally reach 100 to 500N when grinding. Therefore, the axial diameter of the machine, the axial rigidity and strength of the bearing are required.

2.The machine tool has a short -range swinging mechanism for the adjustable speed of the itinerary

The PCD grinding ratio is extremely low. The grinding processing mechanism of PCD is mainly the result of micro -fragmentation, wear, fall off, and dialectic thermal chemical effects formed by the continuous impact of PCD materials by diamond grinding  wheels.  Therefore, the use of a short -range swinging mechanism is conducive to improving grinding efficiency and improving the quality of the chipping. Generally, the swing distance is 0 to 50mm, and the swing speed is 20 to 60 times/min.

3. The  clip of the tools machine  has high precision rotation function and online detection device

 Because the PCD material is hard, crispy and wear -resistant, the tip of the pcd tools is usually designed as an arc -shaped to reduce the amplitude of the relatively vibration of the tool and workpiece. In order to achieve the processing of the arc of the tools tip, the  clip of the grinding  machine should have a high -precision rotation function and the size and quality online detection device .This can avoid the positioning error caused by multiple times, and at the same time, it can improve the processing efficiency.

Moresuperhard as a professional pcd grinding solutions supplier,moresuperhard provide pcd grinding machine for you .

MT198 NC pcd/pcbn grinding machine

pcd grinding machine

CNC MT-198NC PCD and CBN Grinding Machine

- MT-198NC spindle can be raised and lowered, B axis braking system and MPG handwhell provides added convenience in machine running test when production of special tools. 

- 198NC PCD PCBN Tool Grinder, is a versatile machine, perfectly suited for manufacture and resharpen high-quality tools.

- The high-end machine, MT-198 has creative technologies to make it convenience to machine a wide range of special tools such as, spindle can be vertical movement, B axis braking system and MPG handwheel for easy setting and running test.

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