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Polycrystalline Diamond Compact

2021-01-14 10:21:00

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) composite is a kind of composite material in which the thin layer of PCD is adhered to the cemented carbide substrate. It has high wear resistance of PCD and high impact resistance of cemented carbide. The cutting edge of diamond layer is sharp and self-sharpening, which can keep the cutting edge sharp, it is very suitable for oil and geological drilling in soft strata and the exploration of medium and hard strata, the result is very positive. The diamond content in the polycrystalline diamond composite is as high as 99%, so the diamond layer has high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and its Knoop hardness is 6.5×104~7.0×104MPa, or even higher.


Polycrystalline Diamond Compact


The cemented carbide matrix overcomes the shortcoming of hard and brittle polycrystalline diamond and improves the impact resistance toughness of the whole product. The easy weldability of cemented carbide solves the problem that the polycrystalline diamond is difficult to be combined with other materials by welding method, and the polycrystalline diamond composite sheet can be vertically inlaid on the drill bit. MORE SUPERHARD PDC cutter can help you get better results.



1.It has high hardness. The hardness of polycrystalline diamond is HV7500~9000. And the hardness and wear resistance is isotropic, no orientation is required. Its strength is supported by cemented carbide with high toughness, and the composite bending strength can reach 1500 MPa.


2.It has high wear resistance. The wear resistance of polycrystalline diamond is generally 60~80 times that of cemented carbide. Extra durability when cutting non-metallic materials with high hardness (>HV1500).


3.It has low friction coefficient. The friction coefficient between polycrystalline diamond and nonferrous metal is 0.1~0.3, while that between cemented carbide and nonferrous metal is 0.3~0.6. PCD tools made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) can reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature by about 1/2~1/3 compared with carbide tools.


4.It has high thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline diamond is 1.5~7 times that of cemented carbide, which can greatly reduce the temperature in the cutting zone and improve the tool durability.


5.It has a small expansion coefficient. In addition, because the blade is sharp, the machined surface hardening degree is only about 1/3 of the carbide cutter, so the machining accuracy is good.


6.Compared with monocrystalline diamond, it has obvious superior toughness and impact resistance, which to some extent makes up for the shortcoming of monocrystalline diamond, such as brittleness and easy cleavage fracture.


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