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Applications of diamond cylindrical wheel

Diamond wheels are widely used in Oil and Gas drill, mining drill industry. Cylindrical grinding wheel can be used for grinding PCD bit teeth and many other parts. Vitrified diamond Cylindrical grinding wheel for rough grinding the cylinder of polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDC cutter). Compared with resin diamond grinding wheel, Moresuperhard grinding wheels lead to 35% grinding cost reduced, 40% grinding time of each PDC saved, and the size precision of PDC improved.

diamond wheel for cylindrical grinding pdc cutter

PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) is a composite material sintered by diamond powder and carbide substrate under high temperature and high pressure. The abrasion loss reach 13-40 million, that are extremely difficult to process. Vitrified diamond Cylindrical grinding wheel for rough grinding the cylinder of Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts (PDC cutter). 


Features of vitrified diamond grinding wheel

1. Vitrified diamond grinding wheel is 3 times the grinding efficiency of the resin diamond grinding wheel.

2. Vitrified diamond grinding wheel do not need to be dressed no longer, in addition to the in the entire grinding process, in addition to the grinding wheel surface sharpen first. Resin diamond grinding wheel must be trimmed 7 to 12 times, or do not grind the workpiece.

3. The side of PDC which is ground by vitrified diamond grinding wheel project into rectangular, the two surface size is the same. The dressing time will reduce when grinding, and the workpiece processing accuracy is high, and the gloss is high. vitrified diamond grinding has large overall elastic modulus, good rigidity, heat resistance, will not cause cutter back-off phenomenon.

4. The workpiece finish is better than that of resin diamond grinding wheel process. The products which are processed by vitrified diamond grinding wheel can reach the mirror gloss, coarse grinding and fine grinding as one process will be completed.

5. When vitrified diamond grinding wheel grinding PDC product, it has high grinding efficiency, less dressing time, high accuracy of workpiece processing size, good finish, vitrified diamond grinding wheel is the ideal of grinding PDC.

6. The centerless vitrified diamond grinding wheel is suitable for finish grinding polycrystalline diamond compacts(PDC).

vitrified diamond grinding wheel  vitrified diamond grinding wheels



Specification Of External Cylindrical Diamond Wheel

1a1 diamond wheel


D (mm)

T (mm)

H (mm)




diamond wheel






40 50 




40 50



Other size can be designed, according to the customers’ requirement



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