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Processing of gearbox housing

2023-02-07 18:48:38

Gearbox is one of the core parts of automobile.

Gearbox housing is the basic parts of transmission. Its main function is to support each transmission shaft, to ensure the center distance and parallelism between each shaft, and to ensure the correct installation of the gearbox housing parts and the other parts which connected to them. It also affects the working accuracy and service life of the car, so the quality of the gearbox housing should be very good. It is particularly important to use the proper and superior tools.

The shape of the gearbox housing is complex, and most of them are thin – walled. The tool design should fully consider to avoid the phenomenon of vibration caused by low rigidity and low strength. Due to the complex shape and large quantity holes, it requires numbers of tools.

PCD tool has good cutting performance and chip breaking and chip removal, it can obtain high dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. At present, die-cast aluminum gearbox housing is one of the mainstream materials, and PCD tools are recommended to process this kind of material.

Face milling

For die-cast aluminum gearbox housing, we recommend PCD milling cutters. It can reach high-speed milling with the advanced machine, you can get sharp cutting, and also save your time of changing tools.


Project: Rough boring for D59 & D85 hole

Workpiece: Gearbox housing, Die-cast aluminum

RPM: S = 5,000 r/min

Feed rate: F = 1500m/min, 600m/min

Life time:  20,000 pieces

Fine boring

It is the most important process for fine boring of gearbox housing. It requires the right position, good surface roughness and roundness. We use combined PCD bar boring tools to reach high-efficiency and high-accuracy processing.

Project: Fine boring for D59 & D85 hole

Workpiece: Gearbox housing, Die-cast aluminum

RPM: S=5,000 r/min

Feed rate: 500 m/min

Life time: 20,000 pieces

Combined Turning tools

You can finish cylindrical turning and grooving with this PCD tool.

Project: One-time processing for φ102.5mm cylindrical turning and φ151.5 / φ114 grooving

Material: Gearbox housing, Die-cast aluminum

RPM: S = 2500 r/min

Feed rate: F = 600 m/min

Life time: 30,000 pieces

PCD Reamer

Project: Fine reaming for D13.85

Material: Gearbox housing, Die-cast aluminum

RPM: S = 6000 r/min

Feed rate: F = 2500 m/min

Life time: 30,000 pieces

Moresuperhard company is a diamond grinding wheel supplier from China.Moresuperhard is always focus on providing pcd tools grinding solutions and we have enough experience.

3A1 vitrifed diamond grinding wheel for grinding PCD reamers that widely used in gearbox

Grit: 325/400, W40(500#), W28(600#), W20(800#)

Cylindrical vitrified diamond grinding wheel is used for PCD tools grinding with large cylindrical grinding machines. The PCD tools in automotive industry include PCD profile cutters, PCD reamers and PCD milling cutters. 

3A1 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for pcd reamers

6A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for pcd inserts that mounted on pcd  milling cutter head

Grit: 325/400, W40 (500#), W28 (600#), W20 (800#), W10 (1500#), W5 (3000#), W3 (5000#)

Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels can be used for grinding PCD PCBN cutting tools, CVD tools, MCD tools, carbide, ceramic cutter, milling cutter, reamer, drill and regrinding, etc.

diamond cup wheel for pcd inserts



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