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The case of processing PCD reamer with vitrified diamond grinding wheel

2021-08-10 11:12:56

Cylindrical vitrified diamond grinding wheel is used for PCD reamers grinding. It enjoys high grinding power,long working life, good surface quality.

Specification: 14A1-D350-H127-X10-U6-T20 ,W20

1. Machine Name:Micromatic (Model: GCU X 260 X 500 / S)  

2. Wheel RPM: 1500 rpm                                                                 

3. Operation: Cylindrical Grinding

4. Coolant Type : Flushing Type

5. Dressing Tool : In house dresser wheel

6. Workpiece : PCD Reamer

7. Work piece material : Poly Crystalline Diamond

8. Work piece condition : Brazed

9.Stock removal : 0.10 ~ 0.15 mm                           

pcd grinding pcd grinding




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