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Why Choose CBN Grinding Wheel for Gear Hob Sharpening

2023-08-15 15:42:42

What is gear hob?

The gear hob is a tool for processing straight and helical cylindrical gears according to the principle of helical gear meshing. This tool has high machining accuracy, high production efficiency, and a wide range of applications.

hss gear hob various gear hob

How gear hobs work?

During processing, the hob is equivalent to a helical gear with a large helix angle, and the number of teeth is the number of heads of the hob. The workpiece is equivalent to another helical gear, which meshes with each other according to a pair of helical gears and rotates at a fixed speed ratio. , The tooth profile of the gear is enveloped by the tooth profiles of the adjacent positions of the sequential cutting. Most of the commonly used hobs are single-headed (see thread). In mass production, multi-headed hobs are often used in order to improve efficiency.

work procession

CBN grinding wheel for gear hob cutter sharpening

Gear hob cutter is an important component in various mechanical rotation systems, so the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of gear hob cutter have high requirements. The choice of grinding wheel will also affect the service life of gear hob, and the hardness, wear resistance, high temperature stability, high temperature stability and thermal friction coefficient of grinding wheel directly affect the precision of hob grinding.

grinding gear hob

CBN Grinding Wheel for Gear Hob

The CBN grinding wheel produced by Moresuperhard  has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, and effectively maintains the high precision and long life of the hob after grinding, greatly reduces production costs, improves processing efficiency and grinding accuracy, etc.

resin bond cbn grinding wheel 4V9 cbn grinding wheel

Characteristic of Moresuperhard Resin Bond CBN grinding wheel

MORESUPERHARD ceramic CBN grinding wheel, resin CBN grinding wheel, metal CBN grinding wheel for gear hob rake surface grinding, forming grinding, and sharpening.

CBN wheel size: 4BT9, 4M1, 4B1, 4B9, 12V2, etc.

Feature: High grinding precision, good surface finish, grinding resistance, long service life, etc

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