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Grinding Notice of Grinding Diamond Tools

2023-08-03 16:59:09

Characsteristic of Grinding Diamond Cutting Tools

The grinding of diamond tools has its own technological characteristics.

1.The more prominent feature is the high hardness of the material, which leads to excessive wear of the grinding wheel during the grinding process and unstable dimensions;

2. Most of the diamond tools are turning tools or blades. The position of the grinding part relative to the grinding machine  is uncertain (such as changes in blade thickness), causing changes in the grinding point.

3.The grinding resistance is large, which causes relatively large elastic deformation of the process system composed of grinding wheel, cutting tool, fixture and grinding machine , resulting in a relatively large "Tools giving up" phenomenon.

These three characteristics are the three "blockers" that realize the automatic grinding of diamond tools, which directly affect the dimensional accuracy of the tool after grinding

mcd tools grinding  pcd tools grinding

Take the M50 cnc grinding machine as an example

When we grinding diamond tools ,there are three notices for you.

1. How to determine the retraction position

Tool retraction position selection: The tool retraction position must be greater than the maximum chipping of the tool.The purpose of choosing a suitable position for retracting the tool is to avoid the collision between the grinding wheel and the tool caused by too fast feeding, and to protect the grinding wheel and the tool

2.How to Grind Diamond Tools with Asymmetric Arcs

In the rough grinding process, if the gap between the two sides of the large arc diamond tool is too large and asymmetrical, it is necessary to grind the higher side first and then the lower side

3.Causes of Grinding Errors

a. The water on the tool was not blown off by the air pump, and the machine produced an error in real-time shooting

b. The position of the lamp head is not adjusted correctly, resulting in the grinding is caused by the shadow of the knife shot by the CCD lens barrel

c. Dirt on the CCD lens barrel

M50 cnc grinding machine

M50cnc grinding machine has 3 numerical control axes, and adopts a special numerical control system based on image recognition technology, which can realize automatic grinding of straight line cutting edge and arc cutting edge. Its structure and function can be used for fast grinding and high precision of MCD/PCD/PCBN welding tools Grinding mass production needs.

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