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Why do Agathon peripheral grinders excel in high-precision grinding processes?

2023-04-10 11:42:48

What characteristics should an excellent peripheral grinder have?

1.Good machine rigidity

2.Self-developed grinding software,Intelligent Control System

3. On-line dressing system can satisfy grinding wheel dressing

What materials can be machined with Agathon peripheral grinders?

Agathon peripheral grinder suitable for processing various types of indexable inserts, with double-sided chamfering. Its excellent grinding performance is widely used in grinding of cemented carbide inserts, ceramic blades, PCD inserts, and CBN inserts, cermet inserts and its grinding accuracy and efficiency are excellent.

agathon peripheral grinder

Agathon Peripheral Grinder Grinding Small Arc Test of Cermet Inserts

As we all know, cermet inserts are widely used in the fields of fine milling and fine turning because of their excellent performance. Agathon peripheral grinding machine is used to grind the small circular arc of the cermet blade. Its precision, smoothness, and perfect degree of arc tangency have not been surpassed so far.

Agathon Grinding Laboratory in Switzerland conducted the following limit grinding tests on the grinding of small arcs of cermet inserts: Agathon's peripheral grinder has miraculously achieved the perfect grinding of small arcs of R0.02. The actual grinding size R 0.020 (enlarged 200 times) shows that its small arc is perfectly tangent. without obvious edge collapse.

Agathon Grinding Machine for Peripheral Grinding and Form Dressing

With form dressing, operators can extend existing peripheral grinding capabilities by grinding complex shapes. For example, take an indexable insert, and slot the edge to serve as the interface of the clamping unit. Since the end face of the grinding wheel cannot be machined, the peripheral surface of the grinding wheel must conform to the shape of the sipe. Each diamond grinding wheel on the dressing device is trimmed and shaped according to the shape of the workpiece to be processed, so that the indexable insert can be processed. In the processing of grooving inserts, more examples of forming and finishing can be found. When forming and dressing is used, the application field and processing capacity of Agathon grinding machine can be further expanded, the processing method of the operator can be made more flexible, and at the same time, the customer can obtain a higher cost and benefit balance. When peripheral grinding is used, in one clamping process, the operator can combine the grinding wheel face grinding with the peripheral grinding, thereby shortening at least one processing procedure in the finished product processing process chain and improving the processing efficiency of the machine tool.

What can Moresuperhard do for your inserts grinding?

Moresuperhard is a diamond and cbn grinding wheel manufacturer.Moresuperhard provide various materials of cuuting tools grinding solutions for you especially for PCD/PCBN/MCD/Cermet tools grinding solutions.

Do you need 11A2 peripheral grinding wheel for agathon grinding machine?

diamond grinding wheel for agathon grinder diamond grinding wheel for indexable inserts

Moresuperhard provide customized diamond grinding wheel for your peripheral diamond grinding wheel like ewag,waida,wendt and others.

resin bond peripheral diamond grinding wheel moresuperhard peripheral diamond grinding wheel

PCD indexable inserts,PCBN indexable inserts,cermet indexable inserts grinding solutions and dressing solutions please contact us freely.


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