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Ultra-precision cutting requirement for tools

2023-04-12 17:13:04

With the rapid development of optics, aerospace, aviation, automobile, national defense, computer and other fields, the requirements of light weight and high specific strength are put forward for materials. Various non-ferrous metals, alloys and non-metallic composite materials have been widely used in various industries, and the processing of these materials also requires more and more precise ultra-precision processing technology.

ultra-precision cutting requirements for tools

1.Extremely high hardness, high wear resistance and high elastic modulus to ensure the cutting tools has a long life and high dimensional stability.

2. The cutting edge can be sharpened extremely, and the radius of the blunt circle of the cutting edge is extremely small, which can realize ultra-thin cutting thickness and is used for ultra-precision machining.

3 .The cutting edge has no defects, and the edge shape will be copied on the machined surface during cutting, and an ultra-smooth mirror surface can be obtained.

4. Good anti-adhesion with the workpiece material, low chemical affinity, small friction factor, and excellent machined surface integrity can be obtained.

5 .It has good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Therefore, no large thermal deformation will occur during cutting, which is conducive to precision machining. The above five requirements determine the performance requirements of the tools used in ultra-precision cutting. Natural single crystal diamond has a series of excellent characteristics, such as extremely high hardness, wear resistance and high strength, good thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient with non-ferrous metals, and can rub sharp cutting edges, etc.

single crystal diamond cutting tools diamond cutting tools

Therefore, although it is expensive, it is still considered to be an ideal and irreplaceable ultra-precision cutting tool material. In the early stage of the development of ultra-precision cutting, people equated diamond tool cutting with ultra-precision cutting.

Moresuperhard provide quality synthetic diamond plate including single crystal diamond plate and polycrystalline diamond blanks for cutting tools

cvd diamond plate for cutting tools hpht diamond plate

CVD diamond plate                        HPHT diamond plate

Moresuperhard also provide diamond tools grinding and sharpening services.Moresuperhard provide metal bond diamond grinding wheel suit the  best single crystal diamond grinding machine COBORN PG series like COBORN PG3 and COBORN PG3B

metal bond diamond grinding wheel diamond grinding wheel for COBORN PG3

Moresuperhard is always focus on providing all set grinding solutions  for ultra-hard materials cutting tools including mcd tools,pcd tools and pcbn tools.If you need any help about grindning/cutting /polishing and dressing,please contact us freely.

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