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Common Safety Knowledge of Grinding Wheel

2020-07-20 14:30:08

Common Safety Knowledge of Grinding Wheel

1. Before starting the machine, check the protective device of the machine and the reset switch of various movements, to see whether it is adjusted in place firmly. 

2. The cover need to be used shall cover at least half the diameter of the grinding wheel.

3. Grinding wheel installed in the main shaft of grinding machine, must be idle, idling time is at least 5 minutes. The operator should stand in a safe position, and shall not stand in the front or tangent direction of the grinding wheel.  

4. When using: use the excircle surface as the working surface grinding wheel, forbid to use the flank grinding wheel, lest the grinding wheel is broken.

5. In grinding, using lever to push the workpiece to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel is prohibited.

6. When grinding or dressing a grinding wheel, the amount of feed shall be adequate, and the grinding wheel shall be trimmed with special dressing tools. Wear protective tools at the same time

7. Before the grinding wheel stops rotating, the coolant should be closed, and the grinding wheel continues to rotate until the grinding fluid is left out so as not to affect the balance performance of the grinding wheel.

8. Forbid to use the grinding fluid that is destructive to the grinding tool bond. Do not use the coolant at temperatures below 0 degrees celsius.

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