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ultra-hard abrasives grinding wheel dressing solutions-diamond roller dressing method

2022-12-29 18:42:51

The necessity of dressing diamond/CBN grinding wheel

During the grinding process, the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel are gradually rounded and blunt under the action of friction and extrusion, or when grinding tough materials, the abrasive debris is often embedded in the pores on the surface of the grinding wheel, making the surface of  grinding wheel  is clogged, and finally the grinding wheel loses its cutting ability.At this time, slippage will occur between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, which may cause vibration and noise, which will reduce the grinding efficiency and deteriorate the surface roughness.At the same time, due to the increase of grinding force and grinding heat, it will cause work deformation and affect the grinding accuracy. In severe cases, burns and small cracks will appear on the grinding surface.In addition, due to the uneven hardness of the grinding wheel and the different working conditions of the abrasive grains, the working surface of the grinding wheel is worn unevenly, and the amount of abrasive grains falling off in each part varies, resulting in the loss of shape viscosity of the grinding wheel and affecting the shape accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece surface.Therefore, the dressing of the grinding wheel is very important. The dressing of the grinding wheel can clean up the abrasive debris stuck in the gap, re-expose the sharp diamond abrasive grains, and improve the grinding efficiency and precision.

diamond roller dressing metal diamond grinding wheelrotary diamond dressing wheel


Diamond roller dressing method: a method of cutting the grinding wheel to be dressed by using a rotary tool inlaid or covered with many small particles of diamond on the working surface.

1. Application field of diamond roller

Diamond dressing rollers are widely used in profile grinding (cored and coreless), internal circular profiles, threaded profiles, flat profiles, guide plates, multi-key shafts and gears and other grinding processes and workpieces.

rotay diamond dressergrinding wheel for gear

With the development of the economy, the application of diamond rollers has also penetrated into more industrial fields such as cutting tool and work card measuring tool industry, electronics and light industry.

2.The grinding performance of the grinding wheel is related to many factors, such as: the position arrangement of the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the sharpness of the abrasive grains on the grinding surface of the grinding wheel and the structure of the grinding surface, the meshing motion conditions of the grinding wheel and the workpiece such as meshing length, grinding depth Wait. Diamond roller dressing also combines these factors in actual grinding applications to maximize the grinding performance of the grinding wheel.

Arrangement of diamond  roller-grinding wheel-workpiece

Usually the rollers, grinding wheels, and workpieces are arranged with axes parallel to each other, as shown in picture a. This method repairs the poor effective roughness of the shoulder part of the grinding wheel, which is easy to cause burns on the shoulder plane of the workpiece. If the arrangement shown in picture b is used instead, the effective roughness of the shoulder of the grinding wheel increases and burns are less likely to occur. However, the profile of the roller is inconsistent with the profile of the workpiece, which increases the difficulty of designing and manufacturing the roller. Change to the arrangement shown in picture c, except that the workpiece is not easy to burn and the workpiece is small, and the shape of the roller is consistent with the workpiece.

demostratiom of different arrangement

Effective surface roughness of diamond  grinding wheel

The effective roughness directly affects the productivity that can be achieved, the surface finish of the processed workpiece, the grinding temperature and the grinding edge, which also affects the accuracy of the size and shape of the processed workpiece and the surface quality of the workpiece.Grinding temperature and grinding force also affect the life of the grinding wheel and the number of workpieces that can be processed per dressing of the grinding wheel, and are therefore also related to the life of the diamond roller.Generally, when Rts increases, the achievable productivity increases, the grinding force and grinding temperature decrease, and the surface finish of the processed workpiece also decreases. Rts is affected by the diamond grain size of the roller, dressing conditions, vibration during dressing, and the service time of the grinding wheel after dressing.

Effect of Diamond Grain Size

The coarser the particle size, the larger the Rts of the repaired grinding wheel, so that high productivity, lower grinding force and grinding temperature can be obtained, and the life of the roller is longer.

Characteristics of diamond roller dressing wheel

a.high dressing efficiency

b.long services life

c.High-precision diamond rollers can be manufactured by high-precision molds, and the high-precision grinding wheel working surface that cannot be obtained by other methods can be trimmed


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