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BDM-902 manual tools grinding machine

BDM-902 is a manual high- accuracy, high-efficient universal grinding machine(which can replace Ewag RS15 grinding machine in an economic way) with many advanced functions such as constant pressure feeding, fast feeding, and withdrawing, online measurement and inspection, online wheel dressing. 


Features of BDM-902 tools grinding machine

• Low-vibration, high-strength grey cast iron machine base.                                                                                       pcd grinding

• Pneumatic constant pressure feeding, fast feeding and withdrawing.

• Precise bearing, high strength linear guiding, ball screw.

• High precise mechanical spindle.

• Integrated dressing of the grinding wheels.

• Integrated on-line inspection and measurement system.

• Integrated the tool position display system.


Key components of BDM-902 are all from famous brand

1. NSK bearing


3. MOTOVARIO decelerating motor

4. CAMOZZI pneumatic components

5. FAGOR optical scale etc.


* (BDM-902 Equiped with our special fixtures, the machine is not only successfully used in any kinds of tools high-efficient grinding, but also applied in machining high- accuracy milling cutter and reamer with ±3μm dimensional accuracy and Ra0.5 surface roughness) .

PCD grinding machine


Parameter of BDM-902 tools grinding machine

Grinding spindle travel 430mm
 Grinding spindle height adjustment 120mm
Grinding spindle inclination -5-25
Grinding spindle oscillation size 0-50mm
Grinding spindle oscillation frequency 0-45 strokes/min
Grinding spindle speed   1000-4500rpm
Grinding spindle motor power 2.2kW
Slider feeding size 120mm
Worktable swiveling angle 0-240
Worktable travel 60×60mm
Contact pressure 0-400N
Image magnification 10-65x
Optical tube travel (WUV)  50×150×150mm
Object distance of optical tube 300mm
Optical scale resolution  0.001mm
Encoder resolution   0.018°
Total power 4kW
Dimension 1780X1850X1450mm
Net weight about 2800kg


Standard configuration of BDM-902 tools grinding machine

Main part of machine
 power supply and control system
 Coolant system
On-line inspection system
 Positioning display system
 Machine light and LED ring light
Quick clamping fixture
Pivot electric locking device
 Standard accessories


Application of BDM-902 grinding machine

Grinding and regrinding PCD, CBN, MCD and CVD tools, ceramics, carbide, HSS tools.

pcd cutting tools


pcd grinding machine pcd tool grinding


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