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What is a vitrified diamond grinding wheel ?

Vitrified diamond grinding wheels combine the hardest known super abrasives held mechanically and chemically in glass (ceramic bond) to form some of the most highly efficient grinding products available on the market. Vitrified bond diamond grinding whee is a kind of circular bonded abrasive with through-hole in the center which made of diamond powder and vitrified (ceramic) bond.  Diamond grinding wheel is composed of the diamond layer, transition layer and matrix.

More SuperHard can supply quality vitrified diamond grinding wheel with long life as well as fast cutting. We only choose the very strong synthetic diamond as the raw materials, we make sure not only the particle shape is round enough but also be with some sharp points, which can make sure we won't lose the efficiency while we still want enough life from the wheels. So it will help you get fast, stable, much more PCD tools in unit time.

vitrified diamond wheels


vitrified diamond wheels vitrified diamond grinding wheel


What are vitrified diamond grinding wheels used for ?

1. Vitrified grinding wheels most commonly employed in the grinding of PCD and PCBN tools and inserts. Cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, regrinding PCD cutting tools, PCBN cutting tools, CVD tools, MCD tools, ceramic tools, cermet tools, milling cutter, reamer, drill, etc.



CBN Toolscbn tools

2. Vitrified grinding wheels can also be used in the fabrication of natural diamond and diamond -like materials

3. Grinding ball screw, cast iron or steel parts such as injection nozzles, compressor blades and vanes, 

4. Plus OD grinding of automotive and aerospace industry parts.

5. Ceramic material and composites, flame sprayed materials


Advantages of vitrified diamond wheels

- Because the PCD is made from the synthetic diamond, it's very very hard, usually we must use very high concentration diamond wheels like vitrified bond diamond wheels, which content 2 times synthetic diamond than resin diamond wheels in each cubic mm³. As we know, resin bond are always good at the carbide tools, but not PCD tools. Even that, when we use vitrified bond diamond wheel to grind PCD with 1000-6000# grit size even much more finer one, often we will remove almost as much stock from the wheel as comes off the PCD tools.

- The porous structure of the abrasive improved diamond exposure and can prevent vertical streaks on workpiece and improve surface quality, obtain excellent surface finishes quickly and productively.
- Vitrified diamond grinding wheels the ability to withstand great forces of pressure without distortion, and to attain high stock removal rates. Accurately control geometric tolerances to make a good abrasive layer
- Good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency,high wear resistance and less abrasive grain consumption
- High precision workpiece. pcd tools can reach high efficiency , good surface finish and edge no chipping
- Vitrified bond wheels offer tool life greater than 150 times that of resin bond wheel and can be easily trued and dressed on machine
- Superior edge quality, long life
- Increased production rates, delivery- 5 days lead time

Grain size selection of vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Grain Size Machining Type Application

W40(500# D35) W28(D20)

Rough Regrinding a blade edge profile and sharpening of much worn inserts
W20 (800# -1000#, D20) Universal

Standard grain size also can get a high sharpening efficiency, good quality surfaces

W10 (1500# D15A) W7 (2000# D15B) Finish Finishing grinding - getting a very good quality of machined surfaces
W5 (3000# D7) W3.5 (4000# D3) Super Finish Super finish grinding - getting a brilliant quality of machined surfaces
Others grits of vitrified diamond wheel can be made according to customers' requirements. Email: pcd@moresuperhard.com



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