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Application of superabrasive materials in machinery manufacturing

2021-09-02 17:26:41

In the modern cutting technology processing, the main application of cutting tool materials for PCD and PCBN, this kind of material can complete casting and forging blank high-speed processing, rough finishing processing, and so on, the use of precision grinding can improve the quality and efficiency of grinding. Its application scope, can be used in metallurgy, construction engineering, mechanical processing, petroleum exploration, industrial processing, instrumentation, electronic industry, military processing, aerospace and other fields.

pcd grinding

 1.PCD cutting tool for metal-cutting

PCD tool structure is mainly divided into welding type and indexable type. In recent years, China's industrial tool in the welding type of rapid development of Morse standard handle PCD milling cutter, boring cutter and reamer, and cylindrical shank HSK shank, the characteristics of this kind of tool is the cutting edge of the runout of the handle is small, its length of 30RAM HSK handle PCD milling cutter runout of 0.002mm, In the cutting of non-ferrous metal surface, holes and step holes can be processed at high speed. For indexable PCD blades, they are commonly used in the tool body, tool bar, tool disc or tool clip of CNC machine tools.

In ordinary applications, only the tool position fastening, or replace the blade can be repeated processing, improve processing efficiency. Limited by hardness, for aluminum alloy with silicon content less than 10%, hard alloy knife can be processed, when more than 10%, only the PCD tool for processing. At present, high silicon aluminum alloy is used for piston of automobile engine in China, and its silicon content ranges from 12% to 18%. The PCD tool is used to cut holes in the fine boring of si-al alloy of FAW engine. Relevant data show that when V=160m/min, F = 0.08 ~ 0.10mm/r, AP =0.05mm are used, 42500 pieces can be processed, 90 times higher than the carbide tool, and the surface roughness of parts has also decreased. From the original 1.6 to 0.2, at the same time save the adjustment time, compared with the carbide tool cost decreased by 85%.

 pcd grinding

 2.PCBN cutting tool for metal cutting

The PCBN cutter with transposition structure has turning cutter and milling cutter, and its shear strength can reach 0.8kg/m2. Welding knife with turning tool, boring tool, reamer, etc., in the black metal processing is reflected. The knife point Angle is usually 5° front Angle, 3° ~ 7° back Angle. The effect of polishing hardened steel higher than 451EC with PCBN tool is very obvious. The cutting speed is 80 ~ 120m/min, the feed is 0.05 ~ 0.025am/r, the cutting depth is 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, the surface roughness of the machined material can reach Ra0.3 ~ 0.6um, and the dimensional accuracy is 0.013mm. When applied to a standard CNC lathe, the precision can reach 0.01μm and the roughness can reach Ra0.3μm. When the PCBN tool is used on the ultra-precision lathe, the cutting depth is set to 15~20μm, the feed is set to 0.608μm/r, the surface finish can reach Rmax=0.0254μm, the cutting stainless steel, the surface roughness can also reach Rmax≤0.2μm.


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