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  • Electroplated diamond tools
    13 June 2024

    Electroplated diamond tools

    Electroplated diamond tools are a type of high-performance cutting and grinding tools that use an electroplating process to attach diamond particles to the surface of the tool substrate. The manufacturing process involves immersing the substrate in an electroplating solution containing metal ions, and reducing the metal ions on the substrate surface through the action of an electric current, which accumulates layer by layer to form a coating, while firmly embedding the diamond particles in it. Electroplated diamond tools have excellent wear resistance and cutting ability, and are widely used in the processing of high-hardness materials such as stone processing, metal cutting, glass and ceramics.

  • The Secret of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Manufacturing
    07 June 2024

    The Secret of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Manufacturing

    The vitrified diamond grinding wheel stands out as a marvel of engineering. These wheels are essential for the grinding of hard materials such as carbide, ceramics, and glass, offering superior performance compared to traditional abrasive wheels. But what exactly is the secret behind the manufacturing of vitrified diamond grinding wheels? This article delves into the intricate process and the advanced technologies involved in creating these powerful tools.

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