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Applications of Diamond Dressing Tools

2023-08-23 10:55:48

Diamond grinding wheel dressing tools are divided into conventional products and special products. Conventional products are mainly used for ordinary dressing of grinding wheels, and special products are used for high-precision molding dressing of grinding wheels.Diamond dressing pen commonly are used for oridinary dressing of grinding wheels.

single point diamond dresser Multi-point diamond trimming pen

Application industry of diamond dressing pen

automobile and motorcycle parts manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, iron and steel industry, aluminum processing, roll industry, gear processing industry, bearing processing industry, petroleum machinery, abrasives and other metal processing

Grinding wheel shape: parallel grinding wheel, flat grinding wheel, arc grinding wheel

grinding wheel shape generate centerless grinding wheel

Type of dressing wheel: White corundum, Brown corundum, Chrome corundum, silicon carbide, microcrystalline corundum grinding wheel, ceramic CBN grinding wheel 

vitrified bond cbn grinding wheel ceramic cbn grinding wheel

Moresuperhard provide quality diamond dressing tools for high precison dressing and triming your grinding wheel to help you save cost.

Raw materials: Korean ILJIN, American GE, British Element six

Diamond type: Natural South African diamond, high quality synthetic diamond

Categories: Single point dressing pen, multi-point dressing pen

Why choose Moresuperhard diamond dressing tools

high dressing precision

high dressing flatness

sustainable dressing

high hardness

stable and durable quality

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  • How to grind single crystal diamond tools with ordinary grinder?
    28 September 2023

    How to grind single crystal diamond tools with ordinary grinder?

    Moresuperhard provide vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding and sharpening single crystal diamond tools if your grinder can be used with coolant.Moresuperhard vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding mcd/cvd diamond cutting tools have many successful grinding cases.Therefor,ordinary grinder also can be used for single diamond tools with vitrified diamond grinding wheel.While,if you want to process high precision single crystal diamond cutting tools,It's necessary to purchase a professional single crystal diamond tool grinding machine.Moresuperhard also provide professional grinding machine for grinding single crystal diamond cutting tools.

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    Wonderful Review of The 16th A&G EXPO

    Moresuperhard mainly exhibited ceramic bonded diamond products. It mainly includes ceramic bond optical profile grinding wheels, ceramic diamond peripheral grinding wheels, 10000# ceramic diamond grinding wheels specially used for single crystal diamond cutting tools grinding, back grinding wheels, and ceramic diamond cylindrical grinding wheels.

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