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How To Grind Diamond Stylus?

2023-07-21 18:36:10

What is diamond Stylus?

The diamond stylus is an essential part of the phono cartridge, responsible for reading the grooves on a vinyl record. The stylus is a tiny, diamond-tipped needle that sits at the end of the cantilever. As the record spins, the stylus tracks along the grooves, transmitting the physical movements to the cantilever.

diamond stylus on photo cartridge cvd diamond stylus

Why are diamond used in record players needle?

The stylus on a phono cartridge is made of diamond for two main reasons.

Durability: Prior to diamonds, other softer stones and ceramic were commonly used for phono styli. The diamond allowed the stylus to last significantly longer from regular use and maintain its shape and sonic abilities.

Sound quality: due to its strong hardness, the diamond was able to be made into a much smaller stylus tip that could get much deeper into the groove of the record. This allows the diamond to pull more information out of a record groove that previous designs couldn’t reach. This gave the diamond much better tracking ability and frequency response that helped make hi fidelity audio possible at home.

cvd diamond plate for diamond stylus shape of diamond stylus

How to grind CVD diamond stylus for record player?

First of all,Let's take a look at two customer inquiries.

Customer 1from Russian:Hello, I need a diamond wheel to sharpen a diamond stylus for vinyl records. I use CVD synthetic diamond. I need a disk: Metal Bond Diamond Grinding wheel

Customer 2 from New Zealand :looking for a Vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding CVD diamond stylus. I use a lapping machine. I think 6a2 150 diameter with 20mm width would work.

Here comes the problem,how to grind diamond stylus?Using vitrified diamond grinding wheel or metal diamond grinding wheel?

Actually,vitrified diamond grinding wheels and metal diamond grinding wheels all can be used for grinding and polishing diamond stylus.

metal diamond grinding wheel for cvd diamond stylus vitrified diamond grinding wheel for diamond stylus 

Metal diamond grinding wheel is more suitable for grinding cvd diamond materials,But the cost of metal diamond grinding wheel is higher.Vitrified diamond grinding wheel does not grind CVD diamond as well as metal diamond grinding wheel ,But the cost of vitrified diamond grinding wheel is lower.

Moresuperhard provide vitrified bond and metal bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond stylus.Moresuperhard provide customized diamond grinding wheel according to your grinding machine and grinding precision.

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