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Case Sharing -Regrinding MCD Cutting Tools

2023-07-26 10:34:05

MCD (mono Crystal) Cutting Tool Application: 3C Industry

Tool arc: R10

R10 mcd cutting tools

Regrinding requirements: After 200 times magnification, the chipping of the tool is less than 2 microns

Grinding machine:M50 cnc grinding machine

M50 cnc grinding machine

Comparison:Moresuperhard W10 vitrified diamond grinding wheel and Internationally renowned  brand diamond grinding wheel W10

Brand Grinding wheel grain sizes Grinding allowance Grinding paraments Chipping Grinding time
Moresuperhard W10 0.055 0.01/5second 0.015-0.02 7′36″
Internationally renowned brand W10 0.02 0.01/10second 0.032 10分

W10 vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Comparison chart before and after grinding by Moresuperhard W10 vitrified diamond grinding wheel 

Chipping before regrinding chipping after grinding

Before                                                                            After

According to the grinding data, the processing parameters of Moao grinding wheel are to grind off 0.01mm allowance every 5 seconds, while it takes 10 seconds to grind off the 0.01mm allowance of foreign grinding wheel brands. The efficiency of Moao grinding wheel is twice as high as that of the peers, and the grinding time is 1/2 of the peers. It meets customer requirements, the overall effect exceeds customer expectations and helps customers reduce the cost of grinding.

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