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How to Grind Precision Ceramic Materails?

2023-12-07 10:46:15

Problems in the grinding process of ceramic materials

In the process of ceramic processing, how to improve grinding efficiency, reduce surface roughness, and avoid the thermal impact generated during the grinding process are the main challenges. These challenges arise primarily from the hard and brittle nature of ceramic materials. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a grinding method with high grinding force and low grinding heat.

grinding ceramic worpiecesdouble sided grinding diamond parts

Moresuperhard recommand vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding ceramic materials

Moresuperhard recommends using ceramic diamond grinding wheels as the main grinding tool to grind ceramic materials. Ceramic diamond grinding wheels have the characteristics of high grinding force, low grinding heat, and long service life, which can meet the needs of long-term and efficient grinding of ceramic materials.

cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for ceramicdiamond double sided grinding disc

How to produce suitable vitrified diamond grinding wheel for ceramic materials?

When preparing ceramic diamond grinding wheels, we first select diamond powder with excellent grinding performance and ensure their uniform distribution. The diamond particles are then fixed to the grinding wheel through a special sintering process. Finally, the grinding wheel is finely dressed and balanced to ensure stable operation during the grinding process.

select diamond powderprecision dressing diamond grinding wheel

Moresuperhard customer test vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding ceramic materials

The customer recorded the grinding force, grinding heat and grinding wheel wear through high-precision measuring instruments.

The test results are as follows:

1. Grinding force: Measurement results show that the average grinding force using ceramic diamond grinding wheels is 120 N, which is 20% lower than traditional grinding wheels.

2. Grinding heat: The temperature of the grinding area was measured with an infrared thermometer. It was found that the maximum temperature when grinding with a ceramic diamond grinding wheel was 350°C, which was 15% lower than that of traditional grinding wheels.

3.Grinding wheel wear: After 100 grinding cycles, the wear depth of the ceramic diamond grinding wheel is 0.2mm, showing its excellent wear resistance.

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel is suitable for grinding ceramic materials

Ceramic diamond grinding wheels have significant advantages in grinding ceramic materials. The high grinding force and low grinding heat characteristics of ceramic diamond grinding wheels effectively improve the grinding efficiency and reduce the surface roughness of ceramic workpieces. At the same time, due to the excellent wear resistance of ceramic diamond grinding wheels, the frequency and cost of replacing grinding wheels are reduced. Ceramic diamond grinding wheels are suitable for grinding ceramic materials.

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