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Grinding Case-How to grind PCD tools for roll?

2024-05-11 14:09:30

What is roll?

A roll is a tool used for metal processing, usually a cylindrical metal shaft with a roller engraved with a concave and convex texture on its surface. They are usually used in pairs or groups to squeeze and stretch the metal blank to change its shape and size. The design of the roll depends on the required processing process and the specifications of the final product, and can be used to manufacture a variety of metal products such as metal plates, bars, profiles, etc. Rollers are widely used in steel, non-ferrous metals and other metal processing industries and are one of the key tools to achieve large-scale metal processing and production.


What is PCD tools for roll?

PCD roll cutter is a cutter that uses polycrystalline diamond (PCD) as the blade material and is used for rolling operations in metal processing. PCD is a synthetic material with extremely high hardness and wear resistance, allowing PCD roller cutters to provide excellent wear resistance and long life during machining.

PCD tools for roll

Grinding case -Grinding PCD roller tools

Recently, we met with a customer from South America to conduct an in-depth test of our ceramic diamond cylindrical grinding wheel. This customer highly recognized the quality of our products and services. What makes us even more encouraged is that the customer's trust in us stems from our persistent pursuit of quality and service. Let’s take a look at this grinding case together.

PCD roll tools grinding paraments

workpieces PCD roll tools RNGN
Grinding Machine Studer
Grinding Wheel Speed 900rpm
Grinding Method Cylindrical Grinding
Grinding Procession Fine Grinding
Margin Removal 1mm
Chipping Control <0.005mm

Grinding requirements of PCD roll tools

Customers use ceramic diamond cylindrical grinding wheels to grind PCD roller tools. At first, the customer was not satisfied with the chipping effect of using a domestic brand grinding wheel. Currently, customers use a resin diamond grinding wheel from a certain European brand to achieve better grinding results, but the cost is relatively high. Therefore, customers want to test Moresuperhard's grinding wheels and find the optimal solution. Customers have previously steadily used Moresuperhard's 6A2 ceramic diamond grinding wheels to grind PCD blades of other specifications.

Grinding wheel specifications: 1A1 D400*H127*T20*X10

cylindrical grinding wheel

Moresuperhard grinding solutions for PCD roll tools

Our engineers listened to our customers' needs and acted quickly. In response to the problems raised by customers, we continue to optimize the grinding wheel formula and particle size selection in order to achieve better processing results. After many debugging and tests, it was shown that the D30 ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel is suitable for the customer's grinding conditions and the chipping of the blade after grinding can meet the customer's requirements. Then send it to the customer for grinding test.

Customer feedback shows that the new formula of Moresuperhard's D30 ceramic diamond grinding wheel has very good grinding effect, and its service life is about 80%-90% compared with the European brands used. This gap of about 20% can be improved through later reproduction. The customer was also very satisfied and said that as expected, I still have to go to Moresuperhard, which allowed me to enjoy the most worthwhile services and products with less money.

Moresuperhard grinding purpose

We know that customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation and ultimate goal. Therefore, we will continue to optimize product formulas and production processes to ensure that we provide customers with stable, high-quality grinding wheel products. Thank you to our customers for their trust and support in Moao. We will continue to uphold the concept of "quality first, service first", provide customers with better products and services, and work with customers to create a better future!

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