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Good Review about metal diamond grinding wheel

2023-11-24 11:24:50


Very glad to receive good feedback from our customer.Customer is a diamond stylus manufacturer from Russia.Due to the difficult situation in the Russia, he decided to make diamond styluses himself. A lot of money was spent, hundreds of experiments were made. He ended up building a brand new diamond polishing machine.He used vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond stylus before,but the grinding results was not ideal. Then,Moresuperhard provide metal diamond grinding wheel suit the grinding machine for polishing cvd diamond stylus.

grinding machine for diamond stylussdc grinding machine

Metal diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond stylus with manual grinding machine

Testing results from customer:

Workpieces:CVD diamond stylus

cvd diamond for diamond stylus

specifications of diamond grinding wheel:1A2 100*20*25*25*10 10000#

Grinding wheel speed:9000rpm

Sharpening time:1minute

metal diamond grinding wheel

Recomand for metal diamond grinding wheel from our customer

"I have two diamond wheels bought from Moresuperhard company. I have 2-3 micron grit and they work great. You can find them in one of my publications. You can say 0.25 or 0.5, they will also work well"

good grinding results

Congratulations to the customer for the successful experiment

We are very happy that our metal diamond grinding wheel help our customers achieve  their grinding golas.We are willing to make experiment with our customers,moresuperhard provide customized diamond grinding wheel for our customer ,even our customer still need one piece of grinding wheel for test.

Why metal diamond grinding wheel is suitable for grinding cvd diamond?

1.very high grinding efficient and grinding precision

2.long services life,two times grinding life time than vitrified diamond grinding wheel

3.Good shape retention, good wear resistance and good thermal conductivity

Friendly reminder:Metal diamond grinding wheels require specialized electrical machining and dressing equipment for xiu'zheng

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