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Grinding Case-1A1 Diamond grinding wheel for Round PCD Cutting Tools

2023-11-22 18:00:55

Classification and application of pcd cutting tools

PCD Tools for Metal Cutting

PCD tools for metal cutting are mainly divided into welded PCD tools and indexable PCD inserts. In recent years, welded shank PCD tools have developed rapidly in the automobile and parts industry. There are mainly PCD milling cutters, PCD boring cutters, PCD reamers or a combination of two or even three or more of the above PCD cutting tools.

pcd tools for metal cuttingpcd cutting tools

PCD cutting tools for wood processing

PCD cutting tools are also widely used in the wood processing industry. PCD woodworking tools can be mainly divided into two categories: PCD saw blades and PCD formed woodworking milling cutters.

pcd saw balde for wood workingpcd saw blade

Customer Profile

Customer from Europe who provide PCD/PCBN cutting tools for different industry and regrinding service for pcd/pcbn cutting tools.

Workpiece:round pcd cutting tools

round pcd cutting tools

Grinding wheel model: 1A1, D400*H127*T20*X10

Grain sizes: D151

Grinding wheel speed: 900rpm

Grinding method:External Grinding

Problems:There is a chip on the outer circle of the pcd blade

Moresuperhard ' professional technicians responded quickly and analyzed the causes based on the current problems that customers had in the grinding process. The conclusions reached are as follows:

1. The grinding wheel grain is too coarse

2. The grinding wheel rotates too fast

Moresuperhard grinding solutions

According to the grinding problems,Moresuperhard ajust a suitable formula vitrified diamond grinding wheel and recommand suitable grinding wheel speed  for our customer.Finally,we successful help our customer solve theri problems.

Grinding wheel specification:1A1, D400*H127*T20*X10 D107

1A1 diamond grinding wheelcylindrical diamond grinding wheel

Moresuperhard advantages

1.Diamond grinding wheel production factory, factory direct sales, no middlemen to make the difference

2.Customized diamond grinding wheel and  and complete grinding solutions,rich experience in grinding PCD/PCBN/MCD cutting tools

3.The delivery time is short, the delivery day of most diamond grinding wheels is 7-10 working days

4.Excellent after-sales service, any quality problems with the grinding wheel will be guaranteed to be returned or replaced

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