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Indexable Cutting Tools Grinding sharing

2023-09-14 15:16:39

Common Indexable insert materials

Carbide, PCD, PCBN, ceramics, cermet

solid cbn indexable inserts cermet indexable inserts

How to choose the appropriate abrasive grinding wheel according to the tool material?

There are many kinds of cutting tools materials,It is very important to choose suitabel grinding wheel.Moresuperhard recommand suitable grinding wheel for your workpieces.

Diamond Grining Wheel Carbide, non-ferrous metals, Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) ,cermet or ceramic ,Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN)
CBN Grinding Wheel tool steel, high speed steel

Indexable inserts grinding procession

Surface grinding 

surface grinding indexable inserts double surface grinding disc

Double end grinding disc is suitable for batch of grinding the surface of indexable inserts.The upper and lower end surfaces of the inserts can be processed at the same time, with high grinding efficiency, which can effectively improve production efficiency.After grinding, the workpiece has good consistency and high grinding accuracy.

Grinding wheel mold:2A2T、12A2B、11A2、11A2B、11A2T、6A2BT、6A2H、6A2M

Suitable double end grinding machine:PETER WOLTERS、Melchiorre、Stahli、Lapmaster、AM Technology


peripheral grinding &chamfer grinding

peripheral grinding indexable inserts resin diamond peripheral grinding wheel

Vitrified bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel and resin diamond peripheral grinding wheel for peripheral grinding PCD/PCBN/carbide/cermet indexable inserts.Moresuperhard provide peripheral grinding with the feature of good surface accuracy retention, high material removal rate, good wear resistance, high durability, and good blade edge quality after processing.

Grinding wheel mold:6A2T, 6A2M, 11A2B, 12A2T,11A2

Suitable peripheral grinding machine:Agathon,Ewag,Waida

chip breaker grinding

pcd inserts with chipper breaker diamond grinding wheel for chip breaker

The role of cutting  tool chipbreakers

◇Cut off chips without entanglement.

◇Control the outflow direction of chips and maintain the accuracy of the machining surface.

◇Reduce cutting resistance and extend tool life.

If you have any questions about grinding indexable inserts including PCD/PCBN/carbide/ceramic/cermet inserts,please contact us freely.Moresuperhard provide resin bond and vitrified diamond peripheral grinding wheel for your indexable inserts.Customized grinding wheel according to your grinding machine and inserts need to be processed.

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