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Wonderful Review of CIMT 2023

2023-04-18 17:44:45

The 6-day 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2023) ended successfully in Beijing on April 15. According to the actual data statistics of the access control system of China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall), the total number of visitors from April 10-15 was 336,504, an increase of 28.61% compared with CIMT2021, and an increase of 5.36% compared with CIMT2019; the total number of people was 242,246, an increase compared with CIMT2021 21.11%, an increase of 6.89% compared with CIMT2019; among them, the number of visitors entering the hall was 154,957, an increase of 26.98% compared with CIMT2021, and an increase of 11.42% compared with CIMT2019. The three indicators of the total number of people, the total number of people, and the number of viewers all hit record highs.

CIMT 2023 China international machine tool

Moresuperhard meet many of our customers from all over the world.

communicate with customer from Russia commnuicate grinding items

Moresuperhard customers from Russia

cusomer from Vietanm

Moresuperhard customer from Vietnam

With the continuous improvement of the international status and influence of the CIMT exhibition, it has become an important place for international advanced manufacturing technology exchange and trade, a display platform for the latest achievements of modern equipment manufacturing technology, and a wind vane for the progress of China's machinery manufacturing technology and the development of the machine tool industry.

Many famous international grinding machine manufacturer also participated in the exhibition like Walter,Ewag,Mazak,Studer,ANCA.Moresuperhard as a diamond grinding wheel manufacturer ,moresuperhard provide PCD/PCBN ginding solutions and moresuperhard diamond grinding whel suit all popular grinding machine.

double sided grinding machine vitrified diamond double side grinding disc

Diamond and cbn double sided grinding wheel for double sided grinding machine


united grinding  peripheral diamond grinding wheel

Peripheral diamond grinding wheel suit different peripheral grinding machine like wendt,agathon.ewag,waida(including vitrified bond and resin bond )for indexable inserts

resin bond diamond grinding wheel for cnc grinding machine Five-Axis Tool Grinder

resin bond diamond grinding wheel for 5-Axic cnc grinding machine



6A2 pcd grinding wheel cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for pcd reamers

pcd grinding wheel for pcd inserts and pcd reamers grinding



  • Key points and difficulties in the preparation of silicon carbide substrates
    11 May 2023

    Key points and difficulties in the preparation of silicon carbide substrates

    The silicon carbide substrate preparation process mainly includes raw material synthesis, silicon carbide crystal growth, ingot processing, ingot cutting, cutting piece grinding, grinding piece polishing, polishing piece cleaning, etc.Among them, the key and difficult points of preparation are mainly the crystal growth, cutting, grinding and polishing links, which are the key points and difficulties in the entire substrate production process, and become the bottleneck that limits the yield rate and production capacity of silicon carbide.

  • Sharpening of standard inserts in superhard tools
    06 May 2023

    Sharpening of standard inserts in superhard tools

    Moresuperhard provide PCD/PCBN blanks for cutting tools, laser cutting machine for cutting pcd/pcbn blanks,brazing machine for welding pcd/pcbn inserts,vitrified/resin diamond grinding wheel including cup wheel,peripheral diamond grinding wheel,cylindrical diamond grinding wheel suit your grinding machine ,CNC and manual pcd grinding machine all can we provide.Dressing solutions from Moresuperhard also available.

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