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How to prevent vibration of grinding wheel machine

2020-08-21 17:23:46

The vibration of the grinding machine will directly affect the grinding quality of the workpiece.

For example, due to the vibration will cause the workpiece ripple, roughness difference and vibration crack, etc.

 A. Check the leveling problem.

If the surface of the processing site is not smooth, we should adjust the elevation by adjusting the horizontal screw.

We should check whether each screw of the foot is inserted into the floor mat.

Just check it with the level.

 B. Check the floor space.

Terrazzo ground or floor block ground is relatively strong; but if it is cement ground, it is very easy to resonate if it is not solid. Just go to the hardware store to buy a few rubber pads with a thickness of about 8mm and a size of 10cm slightly larger than the size of the foot pad Just put the rubber pad under the foot pad to reduce the vibration.

 C. Check grinding wheel quality and fixed flange condition

Whether there is problem with the quality of the grinding wheel,

1. Factors such as the instability of the center of gravity caused by the uneven particle size of the grinding wheel and the large inner hole size of the grinding wheel causing up and down jumps will cause the grinding wheel to vibrate during the grinding process;

2. Poor quality grinding wheels are prone to breakage during high-speed grinding and cause dangerous things to happen;

Third, if the quality of the grinding wheel is not good, the balance effect will be poor, which will seriously affect the service life of the spindle.

For this reason, we should choose standard and good quality grinding wheels to use in order to achieve the ideal grinding effect. The quality of the fixed flange will also cause balance problems and cause the grinding machine to vibrate.

D. Check the factory environment

Precision surface grinding machine with the same near the site work is impossible to place such as punch, lathe, such as vibration grinding machine, easy to cause a total shock, how to determine, is very simple, you just have to stop the grinding machine, to start the punch or lathe, if the hand to touch the grinder vibration or hemp hand feeling is affected.

The solution is to separate the workshops.

If we have checked all the above items and the vibration problem still exists, then it is very likely that the vibration of the grinding spindle itself, or the structure and assembly of the grinding machine has problems, at this time, we should inform the grinder manufacturer to repair.

How to prevent vibration of grinding wheel machineHow to prevent vibration of grinding wheel machine

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