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Processing case of vitrified bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel

2020-08-12 17:00:57

vitrified bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel

The wheel size: D350*T75*H240*W15*X10 SDC 3000# for PCD inserts.

Cutting speed: 12—20 M/S

Pre grinding             Low             Grit:600#  

Universal grinding   Medium      Grit: 1200#

Finish grinding        High            Grit: 2500#

Fine grinding          Super High   Grit: 3000#

PCD or CBN cutting tools have the highest quality requirements. Precise geometries and minimal chipping are the essential quality requirements.

These grinding wheels deliver the required cutting ability with high stock removal performance and high dressing intervals. The grinding wheel is also very easy to dress.

This Peripheral diamond grinding wheel used for Waida APX-101, it is one of fully Automatic Insert Periphery Grinder, the global basic machine with selectable options that supports wide variety of needs and Made in Japan.

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