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Three methods for diamond polycrystalline and synthetic diamond polycrystalline

2020-06-09 09:36:18

Diamond polycrystalline (PCD): It refers to a class of super hard material products formed by agglomeration of many fine-grained diamonds (0.1 ~ 100μm) under high temperature and high pressure.

According to the sintering mechanism, synthetic diamond polycrystals are divided into three types:

1, Sintered type (S-type) (polycrystalline is a diamond-shaped powder as a raw material, with or without additives and high temperature and high pressure conditions, sintered into a massive aggregate, its structure is similar to that of Cabo , The grain arrangement is disordered, non-directional, without cleavage plane.)

2, Growth type (G-type) (polycrystalline is made of graphite as a raw material, which is converted into polycrystalline diamond under the conditions of catalyst and high temperature and high pressure. Because it is accompanied by nucleation and growth during the synthesis process, it is called Growth type.)

3, Growth-sintering type (GS) (polycrystalline is based on diamond and graphite. With the participation of catalyst and ultra-high temperature and high pressure conditions, graphite (including partially reverse-transformed graphite) is converted into diamond during the conversion process to interact with the original diamond Growing together, this combination of polycrystals is called growth-sintered polycrystals.)

diamond polycrystalline

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