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vitrfied diamond grinding wheel for PCD drilling bits

2022-09-07 10:59:31

this discussion from a customer question

customer's needs: drilling and coring bits manufacturer, customer need to purchase diamond wheels that allows the internal and external grinding operations of the PDC (polycrystalline diamond Compact cutters).

customer's requirement for grinding wheel:The diamond layer (bond) of the wheel is 13 to 15 mm. The diamond layer is fine-grained in synthetic or natural diamonds of size 60/70 to 70/80 stones per carat.

customer's workpiece:Diameters can vary from 6” to 16 inches for the drilling bits and 6” to 12 ¼ for the coring bits.

coring bits drilling bits

customer's question:how vitrified diamond wheel comes that it is better than the resin one's customer use.

products that moresuperhard provide

1,We can provide internal and external cylindrical grinding wheels for PDC and carbide.

2,Diamond layer 10mm to 25mm are no problem. 

3,Grit size 60/70 or 70/80 ok.  We've other customers use 100/120 or 120/140 who also work with grinding PDC drill bits.

4,Bond. We have resin , vitrified and hybrid bond.

vitrified diamond wheel  1A1 cylindrical diamond wheel

why we recommend vitrified diamond wheel for PDC drill bits?

ceramic is about 20% more durable than rezin And hybird was 30% more durable than ceramic.

this equation is not always right as ceramic is damaging from vibration and rezine is damaging with friction overheating, so some tomes resin is better than ceramic, but hybrid is the best so far.

More PDC drill bit grinding soulution all in moresuperhard.



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