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Single crystal diamond SCD tool has become the main cutting tool in the field of ultra-precision machining. Compared with PCD tool, single crystal diamond tools can better realize mirror processing, processed workpiece with high precision and surface roughness, and long service life. So single crystal diamond tool is widely used in the field of ultra-precision processing. It is very important to solve the problem that the cutting edge of single crystal diamond tool is prone to crack and serration. 

single crystal diamond tools grinding

What diamond wheel is used to grind single crystal diamond SCD tools
a. In view of the performance characteristics of diamond single crystal tool and the quality requirements after processing, the R&D department of Moresuperhard strictly controls the crystal form and grade of diamond, improves the formula, adjusts the production process, and conducts multiple grinding experiments. Diamond wheel for single crystal diamond tool, mono crystal diamond tools with high stability and guaranteed grinding edge quality.
b. Professionally solve the grinding problems of high grinding efficiency, good retention, no edge chipping, stable sharpening quality, ensuring the precision of the cutting edge arc and the durability and durability of single crystal cutting tools.
c. Diamond wheels include rough grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding vitrified bond and metal bond diamond grinding wheel.
The easy grinding direction of the crystal should be selected during rough grinding, the rough grinding of a single crystal tool is related to the grinding direction, grinding speed and pressure, and the particle size of the diamond powder used.
grinding of single crystal diamond tools



Vitrified bond, Metal bond diamond wheel for PCD tool grinding machine

- Moresuperhard rough grinding wheel has successfully matched Coborn RG5 and RG9A, EWAG-RS15,FC-200D, MT-188,MT198NC, and other domestic brands diamond PCD tool grinder.

- Grit size range from rough grinding W40 - fine grinding W1.5(10000#). 


Single crystal diamond tool sharpening method
1. Moresuperhard vitrified bond W40 can be used on the diamond tool grinder for roughing and then W20 or W20 can be used for rough grinding, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency while ensuring the controllable cutting edge and improving the service life
2. Using W10 for fine grinding, the cutting edge can reach 0.01-0.013 (200 times magnification), which fully meets the semi-fine grinding requirements of most customers, and the grinding force is also greatly improved
3. Then use ceramic-based or metal-based diamond grinding wheels for fine grinding according to grinding requirements, and the cutting edge can be controlled at 0.002.
If you have extremely high precision requirements on the cutting edge, you can finally use the Grinding PG series grinding wheel to finish the cutting edge on the British PG3 or PG3B knife sharpener or on the cast iron grinding disc.

 grinding of single crystal diamond tools


vitrified diamond grinding wheels


Diamond wheel for Corborn PG series grinder

1A2 Vitrified bond and Metal diamond wheel sucessfully matched Coborn PG3 grinder for Single Crystal Diamond tool

Metal bond, Vitrified bond diamond wheels are used for mono crystal diamond (MCD) or synthetic single crystal diamond (SCD), manufactured by either high pressure high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapour deposition (CVD). Metal bond diamond wheel can used for single crystal diamond tool manufacture with ultra-high precision.

coborn PG3 grinder diamond wheel


vitrified bond diamond wheel

vitrified bond 

metal bond diamond wheel

metal bond

14A1 Metal bond diamond wheel for grinding SCD tool, MCD tool

metal bond diamond wheel


mono crystal diamond tools




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