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High precision PCD and PCBN cutting tool manufacturing

2023-01-31 18:01:50

What is PCD materials ?

PCD is sintered by special treatment diamond and few agglomerant at high temperature and extra high pressure. The disorderly arrangement of diamond grains makes PCD have uniform, extremely high hardness and wear resistance. 

In the manufacturing of PCD tools, choosing the suitable machining technology,grinding machine and grinding wheel can improve the efficiency for grinding PCD tools, ensure the quality of sharpening PCD tools and save the cost. Diamond grinding wheel for PCD tools is still an ideal choice for good PCD cutting edge quality.

pcd blanks for cutting tools60mm pcd blanks

The process of processing PCD tools

The manufacturing technology of PCD tools usually includes polishing, cutting, bonding, sharpening, quality inspection and etc. PCD surface is usually rough(Ra2~10μm), which cannot be directly used to make tools. It needs grinding and polishing to make the surface of the PCD superhard material mirror (Ra≤0.01μm).One of the key PCD cutting tool manufacturing technology is the sharpening quality of cutting edge. No ideal sharpening technology for high-quality tool materials will cause resource waste. Good sharpening technology will improve the tool quality and reduce the cost of the tool.

EWAG RS series grinding machine for grinding PCD tools

The RS series manual universal grinding machine of Ewag have excellent performance in grinding superhard materials such as PCD tool edges for over 30 years. Ewag manual grinding machines are used to grind high-precision micro-tools made of carbide, steel or other materials. In addition, our machines can withstand the rational manufacturing and re-sharpening of polycrystalline diamond and carbide tools.

When the technical production center began production in 1980, tool grinders were required to process superhard materials, and the machining tolerance had to be stable for a long time within 2um. Of course, this machine tool also needs to be extremely flexible to adapt to a variety of insert geometry and even including single efficient machining. "In retrospect, Ewag's RS tool grinders are the only machines that meet these requirements in terms of spatial motion," Mr. ChristianMolch emphasized. 

Over the years, RS-15 series diamond tool grinders have become the first choice for grinding PCD complex cutting tools.

Ewag RS-15 Series Diamond Tool GrinderEwag RS-15 Series Diamond Tool Grinder


Abundant options and readily available add-on features enable rapid machining of complex profiles, such as convex profiles and sometimes (PCD materials are not included) concave arcs with axial angles and cutting edges. In addition, the latest version of the RS15 manual universal diamond tool grinder can quickly and easily set up and operate the machining tool. This is why Mapal continues to purchase RS15 tool grinders to accommodate a wide range of drill and hole tools, both left-handed and right-handed, with internal profiles and axial angles, cutting grooves, and PCD indexable inserts. It can be made new and re-grind. 

Machinable cutting tools materials of EWAG RS grinding machine

The RS 15 six-axis universal grinding machine demonstrates how efficient manual high-precision grinding can be. Grinding and measuring in one clamping cycle as well as integrated dressing of the grinding wheels in combination with the fast tool changeover ensure high productivity. Ewag RS 15 series can griniding HSS, carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN, PCD tools up to 200 mm diameter,indexable cutting inserts from 3 mminside diameter and up to 25 mm perimeter diameter. 

 Ewag RS-15 Series Diamond Tool Grinder Ewag RS-15 Series Diamond Tool Grinder

Moresuperhard company grinding services

Moresuperhard also have grinding machine for PCD/PCBN tools grindinig, for example the H400MT-198 ,MT-188 ,BDM-902 and 198 NC. used high precition camera system and software.The machine can accuately detect variety arc,but also to measure the grooving width and tip angle. Measured directly after the end of the process, the size can be detected after grouding. Precision and producticity has been greatly improved.The machine base is made of high quality overall casting, high rigidity, anti-vibration design, high stability, can satisfy any requirements of grinding superhard material.

                 MT198 for PCD/PCBN tool grinding198NC for tool grinding                                                                                               BDM-902 for tool grinding   H400 for tool grinding


 vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PCD tools              vitrified diamond grinding wheel for pcd tools


Moresuperhard is a company committed to providing grinding solutions for PCD/MCD/CVD/ND precision tools. Moresuperhard diamond grinding wheel can match EWAG RS15 and other RS series tool grinding machine, 12A2 vitrified diamond grinding wheel matching with Ewag RS 15. And we can customize diamond grinding wheel for different kinds of grinding machine. Moresuperhard vitrified diamon grinding wheel has the advantages of :

* Precision control of geometric tolerance

* Extremely long lifetime through high adhesion strength of the diamond grain

* Good self-sharpening

* Superior insert edge quality

* High cutting ability with profile retention

MORESUPERHAD can supply quality PCD grinding wheel at very long life as well as fast cutting. We only choose the very strong synthetic diamond as the raw materials, we make sure not only the particle shape is round enough but also be with some sharp points, which can make sure we won’t lose the efficiency while we still want enough life from the wheels. So it will help you get fast , stable, much more PCD tools in unit time. Moreover we have one series of solution on PCD&CBN tools, from the raw PCD/PCBN blanks, the PCD/CBN grinding wheel, the PCD/CBN tools grinding machine, laser cutting machine, the polishing and lapping machine & wheels, the chamfer machine &wheels, and the brazing machine include the high frequency & the vacuum brazing machine for PCD/PCBN tools. 


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