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Exhibits Recommand-A&G EXPO 2023

2023-09-19 17:25:26


A&G EXPO features abrasives, superhard materials and products, covering the latest technologies and products in the entire grinding industry chain, and providing grinding solutions.The 6th A&G EXPO will be held In Zhengzhou, Henan at September 20th to 22nd.Moresuperhard also participate A&G EXPO2023.

moresuperhard booth

Moresuperhard Booth:B33

Welcome you to visit and commnuicate with moresuperhard company.Moresuperhard is a diamond grinding wheel manufacturer from China.Let’s take a look at what products Moresuperhard  exhibited on A&G EXPO.

10000 # Vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding single crystal and mono crystal diamond tools

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel replaces traditional cast iron discs for precision grinding of single crystal diamond tools.

D1 vitrified diamond grinding wheeldetails of abrasives layer

The grinding wheel particle size can be as fine as 10000#, and the tool chip can be less than 2μm.

Compatible with grinding machines MYTECH MT-198NC, DMJR M50 CNC, EWAG rs15, COBORN rg9, etc…

Diamond grinding wheel for grinding  indexable inserts 

peripheral grinding wheeldiamond grinding wheel for indexable inserts

For batch machining of PCD, PCBN, ceramic and carbide indexable inserts

Compatible grinding machine models: WAIDA, AGATHON350, AGATHON 400 PENTA, EWAG EWAMATIC, Tiantong Jicheng, Haibao Precision Machinery, Weize

Ceramic bond diamond optical profile grinding wheel

vitrified bond optical profile grinding wheel 1mm vitrified diamond grinding wheel

The thickness of diamond can be as thin as 1mm, meeting the needs of high-precision processing and dressing.

Compared with resin grinding wheels, processing efficiency can be increased by 30%

Vitrified diamond back grinding wheel for wafer

vitrified diamond back grinding wheeldiamond grinding wheel for thin wafer

The grinding wheel particle size can be as fine as 15000#.

It is suitable for thinning processing of discrete devices, integrated circuit substrate silicon wafers, sapphire substrates, LED substrate epitaxial wafers, chips, wafers, optical glass, electronic ceramic materials, etc.

Ceramic bonded diamond double-end grinding disc

double sided diamond grinding disc double end grinding disc

The maximum outer diameter of the grinding disc is 1500mm, the flatness of the processed workpiece is ≤0.002mm, the parallelism is 0.001 – 0.004mm, Ra=0.1-0.2μm It is suitable for precision and efficient grinding of difficult-to-machine workpieces such as ceramic valve cores, valve discs, bearing rings, air conditioning compressor slides, valve plates, powder metallurgy parts, stainless steel, magnetic materials, etc.

Moresuperhard  sincerely invites you to come to our booth for communication again.


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