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Causes of burns on the workpiece during grinding

2023-10-25 17:42:30

Key indicators of PCD tool edge quality

PCD tools must ensure a good cutting edge before processing the workpiece. Diamond grinding wheel sharpening is currently the most widely used method. Studies have shown that the higher the quality of the cutting edge, the finer the tool marks left at the intersection of the geometric reflection areas of the tool on the surface of the workpiece, and the higher the surface finish of the workpiece. Because the chipping or expansion of the cutting edge can easily cause tool wear or damage, reducing the service life of the tool. Edge chipping is a key indicator of diamond tool edge quality.

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Sharpening mechanism of PCD tools

The abrasive grains of the ceramic diamond grinding wheel continuously impact the PCD material, causing the diamond on the PCD to undergo brittle breakage (including intra-granular fine breakage, intergranular breakage and cleavage breakage), sliding wear and scoring; thermochemical effects are the grinding process The high temperature generated in the process causes diamond to oxidize or graphitize.

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Factors affecting the edge quality of PCD tools

There are many factors that affect the edge quality of PCD tools, such as the particle size of diamond powder in PCD composite sheets, the type of diamond grinding wheel, equipment performance, rigidity of tooling fixtures, grinding parameters, etc. It is very important to choose the correct grinding parameters. Improper selection of grinding parameters will cause grinding PCD tools  burns.

Causes of workpiece burns that may occur during grinding

1. The amount of grinding is large. When the amount of grinding is large, the surface temperature of the workpiece will increase, which may cause burns.

2. The grinding wheel is not trimmed in time. After grinding a certain amount of workpieces, there will be residual workpiece material on the surface of the grinding wheel that blocks the grinding wheel. If it is not trimmed in time, burns will occur. However, this customer uses an electroplated CBN grinding wheel, which is not There is a problem with trimming.

3. Cooling method, the effective addition of cutting fluid during grinding can take away the heat generated during machining, thereby avoiding burns.

4. Workpiece material. The higher the hardness of the workpiece material, the more heat will be generated during grinding. However, if the material is too soft, it will easily block the grinding wheel, which will cause the temperature of the processed surface to rise sharply.

grinding pcd inserts with water base coolantdressing diamond grinding wheel

How to avoid burning the workpiece when grinding PCD tools?

1.Select appropriate grinding parameters and control feed rate and grinding pressure

2.Using water base coolant when grinding PCD tools

3.Timely Dressing the vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Moresuperhard provide vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding PCD tools.Moresuperhard can recommand suitable grinding paraments for you.Moresuperhard developed specific formula vitrified diamond grinding wheel for grinding superhard materials.Our vitrified diamond grinding wheel with the advantages of high grinding efficiency,high precision,longer services life and less dressing times.Whatsmore,Moresuperhard also provide dressing solutions and dressing tools for your grinding wheel.

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel for pcd tools6A2 diamond grinding wheel


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